Kaitlin Knecht Promoted to Vice President of Operations at AssetSure

Kaitlin Knecht Promoted to Vice President of Operations at AssetSure

AssetSure, a national independent insurance agency, has promoted Kailin Knecht to Vice President of Operations. In this new role, Kaitlin will oversee operations in Claims, Commercial and Personal Insurance, and Risk Management, while also managing administrative tasks in Accounting, Administrative Support, Human Resources, Training and Education, Marketing, and Information Technology. Ultimately, her role is to […]

Is Your New Customer or Supplier Legitimate?

Is your new customer or supplier legitimate?

Fraudsters can appear legitimate by impersonating real businesses. Does your company have a vetting process in place when onboarding new customers or suppliers? What vulnerabilities does your company have in your procurement process? Does your company have reputational risk? A worthwhile repost, albeit one that includes a pitch on one of their software products, is […]

Best Practices for Cybercrime and Ransomware Defense

Best Practices for Cybercrime and Ransomware Defense

Human Vulnerabilities are the Leading Cause of Cybercrime and Ransomware affecting Individuals and Businesses A prominent cause of cyber fraud and hacking incidents that result in interruption or loss for individuals and businesses begins with Compromised User Credentials triggered by a user’s response to an email that looks like it is from Outlook 365, Google […]

Bill Higgins Joins AssetSure as Commercial Lines Insurance Practice Leader

Bill Higgins Joins AssetSure Commercial Lines Insurance Practice Leader

AssetSure, a national independent insurance agency working with leading financial services professionals to protect client’s financial assets, has hired William (Bill) Higgins as Commercial Lines Practice Leader.  Higgins will be responsible for management of all aspects of the commercial lines department book of business and will oversee the agency’s property & casualty commercial account management […]

Are You and Your Company Cyber-Safe?

Are You and Your Company Cyber-Safe?

2021 has been a year in the record books for cybercrime. Cyber criminals have been increasingly emboldened by the increase in remote working and have targeted businesses of all sizes that have weak cyber security. High profile cyberattacks, such as the ransomware attack against Colonial Pipeline in May, make national news. But what about cybercrime […]

Commercial Office Space and Vacancy Provisions in Insurance Contracts

For owners of commercial property, it is a good time to review vacancy exclusions in insurance policies.  Many policies include limitations that may limit or completely eliminate coverage in the event of a loss due to damage if the property has been vacant for a specified period of time (typically 60 days, but policy wording […]

Construction Projects, Renovations and New Construction – Tips for Site Owners

While a new or renovation construction project is in the planning phases, it is important to emphasize the need for the site owner to recognize that while some liability can be transferred through indemnification provisions within contracts and certain contractual wording within insurance policies, there is also a need for ongoing risk management planning and […]

Titles, Ownership and Named Insured – An Insurance Perspective

Real Estate Investments: In the instance whereby there is a transfer of property from personal name to Limited Liability Corporation, or a grant deed recorded, for example a land trust, the insurance company should be notified and an endorsement should be issued on the policy specifying the name of the LLC or entity. It may […]