Coverage Forms and Service Differences

A homeowner’s policy designed for higher value homes (“private client”) will Guarantee Rebuilding Cost (Replacement Cost valuation) if at inception date of coverage, the house is insured to full replacement value rather than a policy designed for the mass market which usually contains an additional 25% of Coverage A. Also the additional 25% of Coverage […]

Contents and Valuable Items

In homeowners policies, there is a limit designated specifically for contents coverage, which is a default percentage of Coverage A.  While this limit can be increased or decreased, it is important to differentiate the value proposition associated with scheduling certain valuable items and not relying on the contents limit. Certain types of personal property have […]

Property Limits and Deductibles

For Homeowners, liquidity is essential in determining appropriate family deductible per claim, however, the impact of choosing a higher deductible option should be viewed across a five- or seven-year period as it must outweigh the chances of absorbing that amount on a claim. If the cost savings is acceptable relative to the potential for absorbing […]